24K Pen Gold Plating Solution


24K Pen Gold Plating Solution is cobalt hardened acid gold electroplating solution.  This solution is ideally suited for printed circuit boards fingers, contacts, fine select applications as well as decorative deposits. The super high gold content and the finely tuned recipe of brighteners and hardeners make our 24K Pen Gold Plating Solution the best solution for your needs. Excellent for fine select plating! The finished plate is a relatively low stress, fine grained deposit with hardness range of 130-200 Knoop. Does not contain free cyanide.

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gold-plating-guruPlating Guru Tip! “ This 24k Pen Gold Plating Solution is ideal for plating very small areas.  It has an extremely high gold content which makes the gold go on fast and you don’t have to worry as much about “burning” the gold. A little goes a long way! “

Quantity Part # Price
1/2 oz (15 ml) – 0.7 grams fine gold.  PEN1 $95*
1 oz. (30 ml) – 1.4 grams fine gold.  PEN2 $165*
2 oz. (60 ml) – 2.8 grams fine gold. PEN3 $300*




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